Opening Times

The Church is open daily from 8am to 3.30pm.  Please feel free to explore our beautiful and historic  Church.  There is an informative pamphlet available which helps to explain many of the interesting architectural features and our beautiful stained glass windows.  Or you are very  welcome to sit quietly and enjoy the peace that our beautiful church brings.

Disabled Access

We do have access for wheelchairs but in common with most historic buildings it is not perfect.  Our South door, which can be found by way of the gravel path leading to the left from the Church Lytch Gate, allows for access without steps.  However it is worth noting the door is unfortunately only 25″/64cm wide.  

New ramps now allow access to the Chancel so please come and explore. 

The main entrance has two steps down into the porch and another step into the Church. 

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