The Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, St. Osyth, Essex




Praying together as part of our calling to fulfil God's mission.

Prayer and worship lies at the heart of our church family. Prayer is one of the most important parts of our Christian living. We are all called to a life of prayer. So setting aside our own personal daily prayer times when we can be at one with God roots us in Christ and helps us grow in faith. To help with daily prayer our Sunday Pew Sheets contain pray prompts which include the sick and those recently died and those that mourn.

Prayer sheets can be found in the Chancel on which names of loved ones can be written and to be included in our prayers on Sundays.

There is also a general prayer/offerings to God board just to the right of the south door to which visitors and regular worshippers can contribute for all to read and reflect upon.

"The King Is Coming"

This beautiful tapestry, one of several on display, is situated at the west end of the south aisle near the prayer board. It is a favourite place for regulars and visitors to pray, read the Bible, or sit quietly.

Bible Study

We have a Bible Study group that meets fortnightly on Monday afternoons, usually in the church room.

Check a Pew Sheet or for further information please contact:

Revd Sharon Miles - 01255 822055


This beautiful wooden cross was given to the church in memory of
Stella Audrey Walters, nee Bell 29th March 1926 - January 3rd 2008
with much love from her family.












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