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The first magazine was produced in 1883, by the incumbent, Rev Henry Chapman. He called it 'Old and New' and said "All matters of local interest will be published month by month", although it was mostly Church news. It took its present name in 1982, and although still run by the Church, was then described as "a good community magazine for the whole village", and was no longer edited by the vicar. It grew by 1997 to 28 pages and is today usually 72 pages, open to all clubs and societies to keep the village informed. There are also many articles on practical subjects from gardening to health, reminiscences of past times, Parish and District Council news and 'Letters to the Editor'.

The picture above shows a copy of the front cover of our earliest surviving magazine from 1888.

The village magazine goes to over 2200 households in St Osyth each month. It contains over fifty articles including reports from over twenty of the many local organizations. About 100 advertisers enable St Osyth news to be delivered free to residents, but costs 80p per issue to visitors and those living outside of the parish who subscribe (usually ex-locals). Copies are available from the church or from the Post Office in Spring Road.

In 2007 St Osyth News won the competition run by the Rural Community Council for Essex for the best monthly parish magazine, against 65 others.


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From St Osyth News - February 2017

I know I am a bit late but being the first publication of 2017 I do wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

The good summer of last year and mild winter means that at just 2 weeks into January the daffodils in my front garden have already broken through the ground and stand at about 5 inches or 12cm tall; they make me smile every time I open the front door because they remind me of all that is yet to come this year.

This early part of the new year seems to allow us to think creatively about what the next 12 months might bring. This year I am not giving something up but I am hoping to learn something new - I'm not exactly sure what yet maybe drawing or photography but something that inspires me and can be used for both relaxation and fun as well as being a challenge because to be honest I might not be any good at it. However, if I just tried new things that I thought I would be good at, my life would be very dull and would certainly lack adventure.

Whether I succeed or not is not really the point, I know that I will be energized by the experience, I will learn something and none of us are ever too old to try something new. Let this year be a time of discovering new skills and challenges if you are thinking about trying something new and challenging don't be disheartened if it doesn't work rather enjoy the challenge and opportunity it may bring.

Lent begins on 1st March with a Benefice Service of Ashing and Communion at 7.30pm at St Mary's Church Great Bentley, you are more than welcome to join us.

Every Blessing

Revd Sharon
















































































































































































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