The Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, St. Osyth, Essex




St Osyth Church Choir
WELCOMES new members!
We practice from 9.30am on most Sundays before the 11am service

For more information
Contact Hilary on 07934 494915 or email Allison Bond at

The Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul has a small, friendly and enthusiastic choir with the ability to sing a wide range of music.

Of course we love the traditional hymns, as well as singing anthems during Holy Communion, and other major festivals & services. We are always pleased to embrace new ideas.

Members are of different musical abilities. Ages range from 11 years, to - well, we don't ask any more!!

We meet regularly each Sunday at 9.30am before the main service to prepare for the forthcoming services, festivals and special occasions.

Can you sing soprano, alto, tenor or bass and would like to sing in our beautiful church? You are very welcome to come along and join us.


Anthony (seen above with the choir), is a composer, clarinettist and teacher, with a first class degree from the Royal College of Music.

We are always looking for new choristers so why not get in touch with Anthony?

Tel: 07930 410 740 or email:

If you want to know more about Anthony why not visit


Our current organ was 100 years old on 21st December 2007, but the earliest mention of an organ in this church was in 1853 when records show that there was a barrel organ in the west gallery. This instrument must have been replaced soon after because in May 1907 the local paper reported that "the organ placed in the church 45 years ago, which was second hand then, had broken down and the church authorities had decided to replace it". In October that year the organ was removed and conveyed to Felixstowe. Andrew Carnegie of public library fame, offered to contribute half the cost and an organ fund was soon underway.

On December 21st 1907 the new 2 manual organ built by Richardson & Sons of Manchester was erected. The total cost was £400. So keen were the organ builders to introduce these instruments into the Eastern Counties they "sacrificed some profits to make this, their first organ in the counties, a real good specimen."

Since then the organ has continued to give good service. In 1961 Cedric Arnold changed the oboe to a trumpet and in 1989 Peter Wood overhauled it and moved it to its present position at the West end of the Church.





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